Donnerstag, 27. April 2017

Have an extraordinary time and enjoy Unlimited Living!

Mir ist es wichtig, auch wenn hier der Text in englischer Sprache ist, dass Ihr die Informationen zum Winspiration Day in Los Angeles bekommt! Die Hauptveranstaltung dieses Jahr am 7. Mai mit der Award-Vergabe und Candle-Ceremony übertragen wir auch über Livestream!
Wir laden Euch ein, via Livestream an diesem Tag dabei zu sein und von der Expertise und den Inputs der Redner zu profitieren!
Entnehmt alle weiteren Infos dem folgenden Text!
Such an exciting time for the Winspiration Association! It's great that you have subscribed to learn more!

Winspiration Day is coming soon and each of us can be a part of it to celebrate a wonderful, bright and beautiful future we can live and create together!

As you know Winspiration main event takes place in Los Angeles – this year we host Winspiration Day together with PGI, ProctorGallagherInstitute, and Bob Proctor and with the Unstoppable Foundation and Cynthia Kersey.

Great news is that you can join!
Wherever you live or are located simply connect with us via livestreaming to empower yourself and to become a part of Winspiration movement and worldwide collaboration!
Please join:
This year, that single day gets turned into a 365 day mastermind meeting of visionaries.
Imagine having some of the world most prolific change-makers at your side throughout the next year.
  • Helping you create amazing things in your circle of friends, family and community.
  • Giving you access to lead edge techniques for manifesting greatness in yourself and others. 
  • Showing you the path for creating greatness in the world. 
  • Offering up solutions for a world that needs new ideas. 
  • Building businesses, local support groups and inventing new ways to help change a world that’s stuck on old ideals. 
Unique opportunity to participate in Winspiration Day including world known speakers and experts coming together to support one vision!

  • Dave Asprey                
    • CEO 40 Years of Zen, bulletproof coffee, author: Head Strong         
  • Terry Tillmann    
    • Executive coach, spiritual teacher and president 22/2 company/sel
  • Blaine Bartlett    
    • Leadership expert and author: Compassionate Capitalis
  • Elizabeth McCormick
    • First women Heli Pilot in the US Army, motivational speaker and author: Pilot
  • Jamie Luner
    • Hollywood actress
  • Tim Dixon   
    • The Mental Locker, former professional baseball player and baseball coach
  • Sandy Gallagher
    • PGI, partner of Bob Proctor
  • Bob Proctor
    • The legend, world known expert how to change paradigm and create multiple sources of income
  • Cynthia Kersey
    • Author: Unstoppable, founder and president of the Unstoppable Foundation
  • Aline Banon
    • Leadership expert, vize-president Winspiration, global hosts community
  • Alain Banon
    • Entrepreneur, master of Aikido de L‘Esprit, martial arts and energy master, president of Zen Federation in Europe
  • Dr. Joshua Plant
    • Scientist, COO of Zija International, co-founder the Natural Health Revolution
  • Lennox Cornwall
    • Author, successful entrepreneur, high performance coach, executive trainer, commercial real estate investor
  • Johann Ilgenfritz 
    • Founder and CEO  U.K. Health Radio
  • Mary Morrissey
    • World-renowned life coach, motivational speaker, spiritual author and founder of Life Mastery Institute - can only come when grandchild is born on time
  • Wolfgang Sonnenburg
    • Purpose hacker, expert intrinsic motivation, founder of Winspiration Association, author: Better the Whole World Against Me Than My Soul
Interactive panel of experts and many more!
And of course, live connections throughout our global hosts all around the globe from Canada, Germany, Spain and Canary Islands, Barbados, Nigeria, UK and more to come!

Take advantage of this day for you and book your ticket here! Use the possibility to join from anywhere in the world!
 Have an extraordinary time and enjoy Unlimited Living

Wolfgang Sonnenburg - President Winspiration Association                         

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